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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Make your OKPAY ewallet Account - Pay online / Recieve money online / Sh...

how to make okpay account - HK VIDZ #hkvidz
Expand your sales to all global markets
With an easy-to-implement checkout and billing solution
Use your favorite way to pay
plus 93 more payment options

Accepting Payments
Increase your sales by offering dozens of international and local payment options, manage recurring payments, etc.

Global Payouts
Payouts are made simple for organizations and their members. Send payments conveniently around the globe.

Digital Wallet
Manage your business tasks with ease and precision: send and receive funds, manage subscriptions, request payments, etc.

Online Banking
Accept payments by bank transfer, withdraw money to your bank account, and instantly convert national currencies.

Payment Cards
Get an international Visa or MasterСard bank card to conveniently withdraw funds from your OKPAY e-wallet.

Cash Transfers
A perfect option to fund your e-wallet or send money quickly and securely without opening a bank account. Available worldwide.

Digital Wallet
OKPAY e-wallet is your all-in-one tool in the world of online payments. Buy online, receive money, pay membership fees, etc.

Using OKPAY pays off! Take advantage of special offers and get bargains, discounts, and gifts from our partners.

OKPAY Around the World
More than 12,00,000 satisfied Customers

Cross-Platform Payments
OKPAY offers online payment processing for every popular platform within a single API integration.

Works perfectly on desktop computers
Your clients can use their desktop computers to pay using an advanced billing solution with numerous payment options for each region.

Works just as great on tablets!
Over one billion users all over the world prefer tablets, so stay current with the market and sell with OKPAY – a tablet-friendly payment platform.

Compatible with all mobile devices
Sell your products or services to users of mobile platforms. OKPAY checkout pages are carefully optimized to fit on smartphone screens.

Referral Bonus Program
We invite everyone to take advantage of a special referral opportunity. We believe we have the best referral program out of all those offered by payment systems. Don't miss out on your chance to earn up to 500.00 EUR per each referred user!

Definition of the Two-Level Referral System
OKPAY features an excellent two-level referral system available to both business and individual users (see the Referral Tree graphics).

You – any user, whether corporate
or individual, that has an OKPAY account.

First-Level Referral – a user who was
directly invited to OKPAY by you.

Second-Level Referral – a user who was invited
to OKPAY by your first-level referral.

Amount of Referral Payments
You, as a referrer, will benefit from referred users' actions and transactions as follows.

 First-Level Referrals Second-Level Referrals
(users referred by your referral)
User Transactions 20% of any fee on referred user transactions 10% of transaction fees
OKPAY Card orders 1 USD for ordinary post orders and
3 USD for courier postal service orders 0.25 USD for ordinary post orders
1 USD for courier postal service orders
OKPAY Card top-up 0.20 USD per load 0.10 USD per load
Deposits (E-money) 0.5% 0.30%
Withdrawals (Bank) 1 USD per withdrawal 0.50 USD per withdrawal

 Please note that we pay referral fees only for certain operations where we have income. In the case of an operation with zero commission on the OKPAY side, no referral bonus will be paid. In other words, all these referral bonuses are deducted from OKPAY fees so that we share our earnings with our partners (you). All referral payments are instantaneous.

Calculation of Potential Payments
Examples: To understand how it works, let's put some money into the picture and see what happens.

Transactions between Users
Suppose your second-level referral makes a 500 EUR transaction. For this transaction you, as the initial indirect referrer, will receive 10% of our service fee, i.e., 0.25 EUR in your account!
In a similar fashion, if the same operation is performed by your first-level referral, you will receive 20% of the fee, i.e., 0.50 EUR will be deposited to your account!

OKPAY Card Operations
When your first-level referral orders a card via courier, you will immediately receive 3 USD to your account. And after the card is activated, every card load by this user will instantly put 0.20 USD into your OKPAY wallet.

E-money Deposits and Bank Withdrawals
Suppose one of your first-level referrals makes a 300 USD deposit in one of e-currencies. You will immediately receive 0.5% of this amount, i.e., 1.5 USD.
After a while, this user decides to move this money to a bank account. In that case, you will receive 1 USD more.

Start Referring New Users Today – It's Easy

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