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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Best Language Schools in the world

Learn SPANISH in Spain with Euroace <-- link

Euroace is a Spanish language school located in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. It offers a broad course selection, tailored to each student’s needs by way of duration, price, and career orientation. Programs also incorporate an element of Spanish cultural education into their curriculum, giving students in even deeper context by which to appreciate their linguistic studies.

The Lanna Language Conservation Center of Chiangrai Faculty of Architecture Sriprathum university Lanna Language Conservation Center Chiang Rai province, because of the problem of Lanna language value and identity of the Lanna people are being swallowed by the new Lanna people. Lack of interest Conserve the root language of yourself.

Learn SPANISH in Latin America with Maximo Nivel <-- link

Maximo Nivel is one of the largest and best languages schools in the world. With a presence throughout Latin America, you can have the opportunity to choose which country you want to Learn in and be guaranteed the same quality instruction.

Learn FRENCH in France with Greenheart Travel <-- link

Greenheart Travel in France is one of our best language schools in the world because of its high quality programs and pristine location in favorite French cities like Paris or Bordeaux. It prides itself on flexible courses for students of all levels, situated in a location where you can relax and enjoy the best of French culture.

Learn RUSSIAN in Russia with Derzhavin Institute <-- link

Derzhavin Institute offers year-round Russian language courses that are flexible in duration, skill level, and intensiveness. Situated in the historic city of Saint Petersburg—often hailed as Russia’s greatest metropolis—you’ll the opportunity to learn one of the most valuable languages in the world in a setting ripe with cultural and linguistic integrity.

Learn ARABIC in Morocco with Qalam wa Lawh <-- link

Qalam wa Lawh is a highly reputed Arabic language school located in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Offering volunteer and internship placements as well as language courses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Arabic culture and language in multifaceted ways in one of the Arab world’s greatest cities.

Learn MANDARIN in China with Hutong School <-- link

Hutong School is one of our best language schools in the world because it offers students ambitious enough to learn Mandarin the opportunity to do so in either of China’s two greatest cities—Beijing or Shanghai. Offering internship opportunities in addition to intensive language programs, studying Mandarin at Hutong School is a sure fast-track to success.

Learn JAPANESE in Japan with KCP International Japanese Language School <-- link

KCP International offers intensive Japanese language programs to hundreds of students every year coming from across Asia, the West, and beyond. Located in Tokyo, you’ll be immersing yourself in one of the world’s truly great nations while studying in its beating heart—which also so happens to be the largest city in the world.

Learn ENGLISH in the United Kingdom with Eurocentres <-- link

If you’re currently reading this without too much confusion, then odds are you have a fairly strong comprehension of English. But if you want to brush up or recommend to a friend, then Eurocentres is our recommendation for one of the best language schools in the world. It offers flexible, affordable courses oriented towards a diversity of students’ needs.

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